Weekend Round-Up

Ok, it’s Monday, but don’t hold it against me because I have plenty to share.  I hope you like profiles. Anyway, this week I’ll finish up the also-rans among the Republican contenders and… Continue reading

The Candidates: Herman Cain

The next big thing in the Republican contest is former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain.  Despite rising popularity in the polls many are skeptical of his chances in the long run.  Sarah Palin… Continue reading

The Candidates: Ron Paul

Only one candidate in this race has met Bruno (Sasha Baron Cohen).  Only one does not care what you think.  That man is libertarian champion Ron Paul. I can’t help but be fascinated by the… Continue reading

Weekend Round-Up

Round-Up The American Prospect has an article, “Did the Founding Fathers Screw Up?” explaining what makes American democracy so dysfunctional. I hate mosquitoes with a passion, mostly because they eat me alive.  So… Continue reading

The Candidates: Mitt Romney

Second time’s the charm, or at least former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney hopes so.  I’ll say it right off the bat, I think Romney is the only Republican who has a chance at… Continue reading

The Candidates: Rick Perry

Fun fact:  Rick Perry used to be a Democrat.  That’s hard to tell now given his hard-line, or even fringe Republican mantra, but his political career began in the Texas House of Representatives in… Continue reading

In the Polls: Congress

In this new feature I’ll break down public opinion polls to see how informed people are and where democracy stands.  Thanks to Gallup for this week’s statistics. There’s no need to be surprised when… Continue reading

Weekend Round-Up

Today I’m starting a weekly feature where I will share all of the stuff I did not in posts throughout the week.  They will be miscellaneous stories/videos I find worth viewing, or follow up to… Continue reading

Making Out Like Bandits: Growth of the Super-Rich

In my previous post I outlined the terrible implications of long-term high employment, but the truth is the middle class has been gradually disappearing for over three decades.   In large part this is due… Continue reading

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