Weekend Round-Up

Ok, it’s Monday, but don’t hold it against me because I have plenty to share.  I hope you like profiles.

Anyway, this week I’ll finish up the also-rans among the Republican contenders and move back into current-events.  Look for my take on Occupy Wall St.  later this week.


  • In case you weren’t aware, the Koch brothers are billionaires who also happen to be radical Republicans.  They’re not afraid to throw around some political weight and as it turns out they’re also morally corrupt.
  • In other news of the rich taking over politics, the New Yorker has an enlightening piece about Art Pope, a multimillionaire defining the political landscape in North Carolina with national implications.
  • One of the most important people in Congress is House Majority leader Eric Cantor from Virginia.  I hate him with a passion, but it’s important to know your enemy.  Like Karl Rove he is an android, dangerous and tactical.
  • Bill O’Reilly and Richard Dawkins show two very different understandings of science.
  • Fox News chief Roger Ailes admits he didn’t hire Sarah Palin for her intelligence.
  • I love Cracked.com and although it may be comedy, here is an entertaining warning about the fear-mongering you may hear on the campaign trail.
  • He shows little understanding or empathy for Occupy Wall St.
  • I have a feeling Cain doesn’t believe in affirmative action.  He made some interesting comments about the black vote and racism.
  • The Mormon card was finally played at the Values Voter Summit.  An evangelical preacher bashed Romney’s faith prompting an appropriate backlash.  Romney obviously doesn’t want to hear anymore about it and I doubt the other candidates will bring it up.
  • Paul actually won the straw-poll at that Values Voter Summit.  Of course, straw polls really don’t mean anything.