About Dugganocracy

It always amazes me how apathetic the population at large is to politics.  Even in heated election years that will determine the direction of this country less than sixty percent of the electorate will vote, with an even lower percentage actually having an informed opinion.  And nothing is worse than ill-informed voters easily won by attack ads and outright lies.

Politics is often a dirty and cynical business, and such repugnance pushes people away.  However, this is the path through which humanity stumbles forward and the decisions matter.  Policy concocted by our leaders affects all of humanity in large and small ways.  From human rights to economics, the decisions made today cast waves that determine the well-being of every one alive today and future generations to come. We simply cannot afford to be complacent.

The inherent problem with politics is how it is intrinsically linked with arrogance.  Everyone remains so convinced of their own infallibility that progress can never be made because all reason is pushed aside in favor of strict idealism.  I hold predominately liberal views, which will become readily apparent, but above all else I aim for pragmatism.

Knowledge is not just about what you know, but awareness of what you do not.  Like everyone else in politics I believe my views are right, which leads to rampant disagreement.  But the greatest danger to this country comes from those who “know” they are right in spite of any facts or evidence.  And where there is doubt our political system was created for compromise, not gridlock.

From this platform I will express my views, but if you ever find I have lost perspective and strayed into self-righteousness, please pull me back.  I pay great attention to current events and as such I am very opinionated, but I want this to be a platform for ongoing discussion as much as it is a soap-box.  Perhaps adding to the noise won’t do anything to help the sorry state our government is in, but hopefully I can at least spread some useful information.

I consider everyone/everything fallible, which makes the unyielding spiteful rhetoric of today’s political climate even more agitating.  I promise to try not to demonize those who I vehemently disagree with.  After all it is not malevolence that is responsible for our differences, but intrinsically different ways of thinking and interpreting the world.  What I despise is willful ignorance.  I believe there are absolute truths, right and wrong, but discovering this hallowed knowledge is much more difficult than is often recognized.

Human existence remains largely a tragic one and the path of progress is rough.  However, for me politics remains as fascinating as it is frustrating.  With that said I now invite you to follow me into the dark and let us try to come to grips with this world we live in.

About the Author

I studied journalism and political science at the University of Colorado and I have always had a passion for politics.  As a new graduate I am currently looking for work.  Like what you see?  I will gladly put these writing skills and sarcastic humor to work for you!  Shoot me an email at dugganocracy@gmail.com